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Age Of Britannia – AOB GAMES

Age of Britannia UO Freeshard was created in October 2020 by Aj who wanted to create a UO Freeshard designed by a player for the players.

After shortly creating a small network and community and having released the game for a 6 month period decided that we wanted to have a website set up to detail everything about our UO Freeshard. Aj then decided that after understanding a small amount of C# and creating custom content decided that rather than setting up a website for a single server he wanted to create a website for a community and create a community of free servers for players and a website that could offer punchy and insightful video game reviews without the waffle. We do plan on continuing to grow our community by adding new custom game servers in the future and perhaps releasing a totally new custom game.

We are run by a very small number of dedicated and passionate individuals who want to share their love of video games and provide new game servers and custom content.

If you are interested in learning more or volunteering your time contact Aj via Discord or by using our Contact Form

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