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The Storyline of UO – Age of Britannia

Age of Britannia much like other shards was created as a direct result of the destruction of the gem of immortality owned by Evil Lord Mondain. The destruction of the gem shattered Sosaria into an infinite numbers of shards ultimately copies of the original world of Sosaria. The Age of Britannia shard lay dormant for nearly 25 years shrouded in a thick magical fog. The fog cast out those who were unworthy to discover the islands secrets. Those on the island already were unaware of the fog and lived in peace and paradise for many years.

That was until one day when humble fisherman who dared to sail where no other would to feed his family crashed at sea and washed up on the shores of Britain. Suffering from malnutrition and head trauma the man could no longer recall his name or his past.

The fisherman dedicated his remaining years to exploring the islands and repairing the world leaving behind clues of his true identity for others to find. He was able to befriend others on the island who appeared to all be suffering from the delusion that the Evil Lord Mondain was still very much alive. This man was eventually able to befriend magical beings on the island who would help him to slowly recover some of his memories and bestowed upon him the ability to travel between worlds so he could return to visit his family. Although he was unaware that by casting a portal between worlds caused the magical fog protecting the island to deteriorate and monsters to reappear. It also caused new lands and monsters never before seen to emerge. Rumour has it that this man still obtains the ability to travel around and between worlds and on occasion returns to the island to ensure its safety and recruit those brave enough to fight the monsters on the islands that once lay dormant.

Join today and explore the lost lands of Britannia. New quest lines custom monsters, custom artifact’s and unique new and exiting unexplored islands to conquer! Bringing back to life classic and iconic game with a new fresh and exciting feel to it!

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