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Command list

We feel that commands can help enhance your player experience and something we are looking to continue to support and develop moving forward.

  • [Loot – Auto loot mobs in area
  • [Autosheathe – Sheathe your weapon!
  • [Viewissues – Report and track bugs
  • [Mystats – Display your stats
  • [Rules – View shard rules
  • [Donate – To help noobs
  • [Petlore – pet ctrl slots & skill req
  • [Bondinfo – Shows bonding timer
  • [Getpet – Brings your pet to you
  • [Sellpet – Sell spare pets for gold
  • [Chat – Followed by your msg
  • [Pm – send a player a pm
  • [Mail – Your pm inbox access
  • [E – Emotes for fun n roleplay
  • [Slap – Target someone to slap!
  • [Changecharacter – change in game!
  • [Organizeme – Organise pack
  • [Gethue – Displays a items hue no
  • [Kills – Displays PVP kills
  • [Karma OR [Fame – displays both
  • [Time OR [Date – displays both
  • [Vetrewards – access vet rewards
  • [Boatcontrol – easy boat control
  • [Afk – Shows your AFK
  • [MyAchievements – your progress
  • [Achievements – view other players
  • [MOTD – Message of the day / updates
  • [Auction – By an auctioneer
  • [Myauction – Your auction

-Ping will test your connection to us

I wish to duel ( can only be used by an arena )


So here I’m listing standard commands that are available in most Ultima Online shards.

I renounce my young player status (when said will give a prompt to agree to remove your young player status) – NOT RECOMMENDED for total newbies it’s worth making use of the young player status if you’re new as it will help ease you into the game. For example monster’s won’t attack on sight if you have your young player status active.

I just consider my sins – Shows kill info


I wish to secure this / I wish to release this

You can also use I wish to lock this down or I wish to unlock this – more for just securing single items rather than chests or bags.

Type and say either command and then you can lock down objects and choose access level and the release objects to move them.

I wish to place a trash barrel – this will place a trash barrel for you to use for 3 minutes before it gets auto deleted.

Remove thyself – Saying this inside your house will allow you to eject your targeted player from your property!


Pet commands come massively in handy in the game for controlling and commanding pets.

You can say a pets name followed by a command for example Shadow attack

Or when using multiple pets or setting macros personally we find it easier to use ALL commands to control multiple pets or if you use multiple pets you don’t need a macro for each pet you can just set ALL commands

Why would I use multiple pets – depends how many follower slots you want to use. Some tames get a mate bonus meaning if you have two of the same breed pet they may get a bonus to attack for example. Some monsters might be weaker or stronger against a certain attacks for example high physical defence but low cold resist we would want to use a pet that doesn’t do a physical damage attack. OR you might want to use a lower follower slot pet so you can cast nature’s fury or energy vortex’s or blaze spirits for example.

All guard – Tells all your pets to guard you

All kill – commands your pet to kill

All stay – tells all pets to stay

All follow me – tells pets to follow you

All drop – drops items in pack

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