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Custom pets


Custom new hatchable dragon pet’s have been added to the server. These custom dragons all have a chance to summon their own creatures for their master to control in battle for a limited amount of time ( 35 seconds ) they can be dispelled by enemy’s or monsters.

They will instantly hatch and bond to the player who is lucky enough to obtain one. They do require 104 taming to control however so are only recommended for experienced and veteran players and tamers.

So where do I get one? If you head to Destard in Felucca just outside the dungeon you will see there are 2 new NPC’s. The Dragon Breeder requires you to collect from inside Destard 50 Unfertilised dragon eggs and will reward you with a ticket to claim a random dragon egg ready to hatch which when used will obtain you a random dragon pet.

The other NPC is a Shady Egg Seller who charges a high amount currently 18k gold per quest item for those who need an extra few eggs to complete the quest or those who are happy to pay this! The eggs for the quest are hard to find and only respawn in 3 seperate areas every 12-24 hours located inside and through the Destard dungeon in felucca.

There are 8 different types of dragon all with their own unique colours and summons. Each dragon also does a different damage type.

Blizzard Dragon – Air Elementals

Earth Dragon – Earth Elementals

Fire Dragon – Fire Elementals

Water Dragon – Water Elementals

Toxic Dragon – Death Adders

Energy Dragon – Energy Vortexs

Demonic Dragon – Daemons

Chaos Dragon – TBC


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