STEP ONE – Donate via Paypal – See list of donation items below you can choose from!

STEP TWO – Email us : OR private message Aj through Discord – Please remember to include your account name and the character name you want the items delivered to!

Your donation items will be delivered as soon a staff member is available. Donations are prioritised and should we not receive any information. ALL donations received will go directly back towards supporting our server. This will enable us to continue to improve our shard.

How do donations work? When will I receive my items?

it could be straight away or within minutes (likely around 21-23:00 GMT + 0 terms apply) or after a few hours by Aj usually within 24 hours of sending payment you will need to let us know your account name / character name and your items can be delivered when your offline. Disclaimer – We do take donations seriously – IF we fail to deliver within 48 hours you will still receive any donation items you’ve paid for as well as a full refund and apology (unless it has been previously stated that staff were unavailable).

In the future however we may automate the donation system however for now it will be managed manually by staff subject to availability as soon as possible. Donations will be dealt with as soon as a staff member is available we understand that you want your items and will prioritise your donation items. We will fully refund anyone not happy with their purchase within 7 days however your donation items will be removed.

Also anyone that donates but doesn’t let us know what their donating for we will attempt to find out who your account / character is however upon requesting this and not receiving a response or not being able to establish what you’ve donated for you may be allocated random donation items around the value you have donated which we may exchanged for similar donation items subject to fair and reasonable staff discretion.

Donation items can be viewed in the donation room located in the green moongate in game.

DISCLAIMER – Staff reserve the right to make alterations to items within the game to maintain a fair and balanced server. In the event that you’ve donated for an item that is changed as a result of a update or balance to the server you will be reallocated the new item or updated item version and fair compensation subject to staff discretion. If you are not happy with this then you may contact us to request a refund however if your refund is approved your donation items will be removed. This decision will be final and will not be reversed again.


(This list is in progress)

* Donator Shroud – £20
* Donator Cloak – £15
* Donator Quiver – £15
* Donator Sash – £10
* Donator Apron – £10
* Donator Sandals – £10
* Donator Doublet – £10
* Ancient nightmare – £20
* Pet Bonding potion – £5
* Everlasting shrink – £10
* Everlasting bandages – £10
* 7 x gm Skillball – £10
* Bank Crystal – £15
* Any ethereal mount – £15
* Any lucky clothing – £10
* Item bless deed – £10
* Clothing bless deed – £5
* Self repair deed – £1
* Master storage Deeds £10 each


What are donations used for ?

ALL donation’s help us to continue to develop and upgrade.


Website upkeep – (£10 per month)

Power supply and ISP connection – (£30 per month)



(i5 9400F | 16GB RAM | 1050Ti GPU | SSD) – £500

Another i5 server for shard testing

Testing server – SSD 240Gb – £30
Server backup – USB 128GB – £12