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We have REALLY upped our game with the help of support from @NoraEadrith in optimising our server to run smoother and reduce save times, as well as creating the code for the new Miner Suit.


The achievement system has been further improved to add a sound notification when you unlock an achievement with some effects!

MORE IMPORTANTLY you now earn Kudos (our UOStore currency) for unlocking achievements which are sent directly into your account. This means if for example you visit a town for the first time you will earn some free Kudos… you slay x amount of mobs you earn free Kudos… you craft x amount of you earn well you get it FREE Kudos!


Vote gump has been improved a second line of text has been added for a polite request for your generous votes 😜 😘 .

We have actually increased the amount of Kudos (our UOStore currency) you earn via each vote by over double from 12 to 25 Kudos.

You can see our new custom AOB Luna Mall which was built with @NoraEadrith’s support. Near Luna Moongates. Players can now rent prime vendor spots on this area.


Due to the recent Orc attacks on Luna the King has ordered the guarded area around Luna inner walls to permanently expand to now cover up to the outer walls.


We decided that we wanted to make it easier for players to access colours in the game so we have added two new commands one to browse lists and examples of hues and one to set hues on most items as well as pets.

[huebrowser – browse a list of all our hues

[Hue – [Hue then the number I.e [Hue 1152

The above example is typed entered then targeted and clicked by the player to dye their target.

Restrictions – There are some restrictions such as you can’t dye items like paperdoll backpack or spellbooks / runebooks.


We have re added the Hue room access and improved it with the full list of hues. Even though we have the command to set a hue you may want to dye your paperdoll pack for example or view the hues laid out in order.


Our GitHub link has now been added to website footer page you can now view a list of known / reported bugs and another list of Suggested / planned improvements / additions and submit bug reports and get clear staff feedback.

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