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NEW – Luna at war – [Quests]

Will be added by the end of the month watch out for more information on our discord server!

Luna is under attack from the west by a army of Unholy Orcs with trolls sighted and war boar riders seen on route to Luna. Six new quests are being introduced as well as a small army of enemies and the Glorious Luna Knights… protecting Luna from the wars across the lands featuring the King of Luna and her majesty the glorious Queen.

These new quests are designed to challenge players and offer a new unique feel to Luna.

NEW Monsters

10 new customised monsters added to shard.

  • Orc War Boar (non tameable)
  • Orc War Boar Rider
  • Unholy Orc Fighters
  • Unholy Orc Mages
  • Unholy Orc Captain
  • Unholy Orc Bomber
  • Unholy Orc
  • Mountain Troll
  • War Troll
  • Battle Troll

NEW NPC mobiles 

Six NEW unique quests offering gold, tokens as well as unique loot and NEW custom artifacts.

  • Luna Mare (tameable)
  • Luna Archer
  • Luna Fighter
  • Luna Mage
  • Luna Paladin (horseback)
  • King of Luna (non combatant)
  • Queen of Luna (non combatant)
  • 5 x Luna Knights – (Questers)
  • 1 x Royal Guard – (Quester)

NEW custom artifacts

A total of 25 new artifacts are being introduced these include one decorative artifact and a mixture of weapons, armour pieces, jewellery and more we will update this list very soon.

  • Shroud of Luna
  • Cloak of Luna
  • Necklace of Luna
  • Earrings of Luna
  • Ring of Luna
  • Bracelet of Luna
  • Luna Knight Shield
  • Luna Knight Sword
  • Spirit of Luna (totem)
  • Luna Knight Bow
  • Luna Knight Sash
  • Luna Knight Helm
  • Luna Knight Chest
  • Luna Knight Arms
  • Luna Knight Gorget
  • Luna Knight Gloves
  • Luna Knight Legs
  • Orc War Hammer
  • Orc War Sword
  • Orc War Helmet
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