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Halloween has finally descended upon Britannia! New haven, Britain and Luna have been decorated with seasonal decoration!

Two NEW and unique quests and high end quest rewards have been added to the server! These rewards will only be available in October so hurry up and start collecting the quest items! We have also created a brand new Halloween area which can be located far south west of Britain or  through the green moongate.

Seed Quest

The seed quest can be found just south from the new Halloween Museum which can be accessed via the green custom moongate in most popular towns.

The prized pumpkin offers a unique seed collection quest. The seeds can be found on the ground around the pumpkin fields and also by looting them four different Halloween quest monsters. For those serious about collecting the seeds the spiders will give the best chance to drop them if your skilful enough to slay them!

Return to the Prized Pumpkin and give him 50 seeds to obtain 1 of 18 different rewards. Each time the reward deed is totally random and all obtainable rewards can be viewed in the Halloween Museum.

Note – Seeds will ONLY be available in October.

Halloween – Pet Bat Quest

The Halloween pet bat quest requires you to slay and collect 50 witch eyes and return them to the Honduran White Bat who is located south of the Halloween Museum next to a witches house!

The pet bat will automatically be tamed and will bond to the person who claims it. Please note the bag is a strong one slot pet however cannot be trained through the normal pet leveling system.

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