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JULY 2022

Where has the time gone!

The image above shows a sneak peak into the base layer of the new dungeon due for release in the upcoming weeks.


So… Aj has been super busy working on what was initially an instance / dungeon is now turning into a new small facet.

This new map can only be entered via a stargate.

It is located in Felucca where players can PvP and PK. The dungeon will have a tier level system offering new monsters and new features, the higher the level the greater the risk and reward. We are considering adding another one way moongate as an alternative exit outside of the dungeon this may change subject to maps.

We are going to look at adding new systems in the near future inside 2022 but for now all focus is being diverted to the maps to finish building the new maps which as of today Monday 11th April 2022 is going to take realistically another 3-4 weeks to finish if we are going to ensure that it is fully tested as well as new monsters / systems coded into place as well.


These have unfortunately slowed down as of late as we have totally focused all attention to our new maps. We estimate that before the end of October we are hoping to have had time to add most amounts of information to improve content! Thanks for your patience <3 Aj

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