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We’re now officially 6 months into 2022!

We are excited to announce that we are back finally working on maps and new content that is due to be released very soon. We also have an idea of advertising the server live over Twitch and YouTube 24/7 which is being set up over this month we are hoping to have more news to share very soon so watch this space!


The auto restart feature has been disabled as since moving server recently our connection and server performance has improved and we therefore no longer require this feature.

This will create a more fluid and quality experience for players to enjoy the game!



The first and original map we created is being redesigned to flow better and feel more like a actual desert rather than just a flat landmass!

We have also decided to add a custom dungeon to this area which will be accessed through a pyramid which can be found in the desert once the server is updated this is hopefully going to be Sunday 12th June more information soon!

The whole design is now finished we are just working to smooth out some sections and areas but the custom dungeon, pyramid and 95% of the landmass is finished we just need more time to enable us to totally finish this area as once it’s done we don’t plan to return to develop it as we will be focusing on adding a custom dungeons in felucca and more map improvements.


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