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May updates


So we have made some real progress over the last few weeks on our new website Aj has been mainly focused on updating content and setting up site links and integrating them onto our homepage. Also we now have an official AOB Games PayPal account to process donations.

Map editing on Ultima online trammel is getting closer to being completed to enable us to deliver totally unique and custom new areas for players to explore, complete quests and earn custom artifacts. We want to thank you for supporting our server and we’re really excited to see the future of UO Age of Britannia.

Over the next few months we are going to push to complete the trammel map add on – Siren island where there will be a 4 part quest to earn parts of the Siren Bracelet. When a player completes all 4 quests on the island and double clicks the bracelet gem with the other parts in their pack, they create the Siren Bracelet which will grant access to a brand new custom dungeon to defeat the evil monsters within!

We hope to see you in game soon! – Aj

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