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Aj has been busy focusing on improving systems and user experience as well as adding new content. Over the next few months we are going to slow down work on the Age of Britannia UO server to allow more time for map content as we are going to re look at new map content. New Stargate maps and custom dungeon. We will also be focusing on improving website wiki pages and updating news sections and forums.

More info will be added soon on recent updates


Upon player request to help with backpack storage we have added a custom spellbook basket that can contain 10 spellbooks max.

You can open spellbooks from inside the spellbook basket, cast spells, and if you die the basket with books will remain in your backpack


Quest now listed on our wiki page.

New quest added to the Solen Hives (Trammel)

Cleansing the Hives! The Solen Patriarch needs you to slay 10 Parasitic workers, 5 warriors, and 1 queen which can now spawn in the Solen Hive in Trammel respawn double normal respawn.

They are approximately 2 x as tough as their relative red solen mobs and spawn more rarely. The quest rewards around 4k gold and rewards 4 magic items 2 of which will have boosted stats.

Please note the Parasitic Queen spawns in two locations inside the Hives every few hours which is the toughest mob to slay and slay!



Missing code added back after update – All blessed or insured items will stay on your body when you res so you don’t need to keep re equipping items for example if you have a blessed shroud when you die the shroud stays on your body when you res it will be still in place not back in your backpack! Note – this only works for items that are blessed or insured.


Mad Crafter quest / Mini Champion spawn

Technically we added this system to the server end of April and announced it on discord however forgot to add the details to the website it can now be found in the WIKI quests and you can find details about it below as well!

Mad Crafter summon box and new Mad Crafter
Mages. Defeat the Mages collect the crystals
drop 10 crystals in the summoning box to
summon the Mad Crafter instead of waiting for
champ spawn.

Note – The Mad Crafter mini champ spawn has
now entered Age of Britannia – Located in
Wrong felucca can be slain every 5 days.

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