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Meet our team

Aj – Owner & Admin

Over the years having enjoyed games over multiple platforms created game reviews, formed and managed discord servers and played around with servers and websites. I decided to do something I always wanted to do! build my own Ultima Online shard. The idea kinda snowballed from there. I wanted to develop a brand and share my love and passion of gaming. This site will continue to develop as we develop.

‘Having been a long time player and fan of Ultima Online I wanted to create a new and unique shard for anyone and everyone to play on. A shard that would cater to all kinds of players with different play styles and preferences.’

Cedrick’ – Admin / Artist 

Cedrick’ has recently joined our team and has already massively improved the structure and layout of Luna bank and it’s surrounding area.

Cedrick’ has worked on various other projects and is both a experienced decorator and wizard!

Cedrick’ can respond to pages and offer support.

We are recruiting volunteers please head over HERE!

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