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Christmas is around the corner!

I can’t honestly believe it, Aj has been hard at work adding in a new auto patcher/launcher system that is now accessible for players! This is still a work in progress and we are reworking the layout theme for the patcher/launcher.


The Age Of Britannia patcher/launcher system now enables players to install and play the game at the click of a few buttons.

Players can now download our AOB custom patcher/launcher to install all required game files and custom maps automatically. The AOB patcher/launcher also checks that all files are up to date and automatically downloads updates. ClassicUO and UOSteam are the default game launchers and can be launched using their icon buttons inside the AOB patcher/launcher. All information is pre-configured for ease of access.

You may also choose to install another launcher such as Razor or OrionUO for example outside of the server this is permitted but remember that you may need to manually configure the game client path directory and change to our updated server address – | Port – 2593


The donation link has been updated and is now working as intended!


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