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It’s officially spooky season! 🎃

Aj has been working hard on adding a new map in secrecy which is 99% completed. Once the decoration is completed Aj is going to code the rest of the content for the map which will be released in the following weeks.

Halloween Quests

Halloween quests will be activated this evening Friday 7th October and will be announced on Discord when they are activated!

Luna war Quest Expansion

The Luna map has now been updated to reflect the Orc War Camps which are now situated to the West of Luna. Armies of Orcs are attacking and there is now a new quest and monster spawns to make the area more challenging.

NEW – Elite Orcs Quest

Alfred the Luna Knight requests you slay the Elite Orcs and the Elite Orc Captain found over the bridge west of Luna gates. Be warned the area is patrolled by Orc Scouts who hide in the shadows and attack anyone brave enough to cross the bridge.

Luna War Improvements

Not only have we added the Orc War Camps we have improved the battle by increasing the area spawns and numbers of monsters that spawn, as well as the AI of all of the mobiles.

  • Elite Orc Quest added
    Chivalry and Magery added to all Luna knight mobiles
  • NEW – War Orc Archer added
  • NEW – Elite Captain added
  • NEW – Elite Orc added
  • Luna War Horse now does magery attacks
  • Orc War Boars and Luna War Horses now will attack any of the opposing factions.
  • Orc War Boar lootpack fixed
  • Orc Mage missing lootpack fixed
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