Shard Status

Client version is –

Status Online
Emu: ServUO
Name: AgeOfBritannia
Uptime: 48 hours
Players Online: 5
Total Items: 210260
Mobs: 46049
Memory Used: 446731K

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Scheduled maintenance

Scheduled maintenance – unless otherwise announced in discord will be – Sunday’s @ 09:00am UTC+1 the server will have 20 minutes – 1 hour downtime to allow for essential bug fixes and back ups.

Unscheduled maintenance

We try to make every effort to restart the server or conduct maintenance when the server is quiet or during times that will make least impact.

However we do reserve right to restart the server or to fix issues at any time. Please see discord for any announcements.

Server outage

There may be times that we loose connection to our ISP (Internet service provider) or we have an outage that is beyond our control. Rest assured the server auto saves every 15 minutes so usually if we did have an ISP outage then we would only loose 15 minutes of game / progress. If we were unable to recover the current server we will be able to revert to the last 24 hours.

Contact us – IF the server status is offline see discord for announcements or post on discord if we do experience an ISP issue or outage staff will need to manually restart the server to fix thanks.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via discord should you experience any issues connecting we apologise for any inconvenience!