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Please note if your on a PC you can do Ctrl and F to search for your question using a keyword or search the page on mobile using a keyword.

Sometimes there’s a simple answer to these questions sometimes it’s a little more complex please feel free to contact us if you feel any info needs updating / amending / adding.


Q – What version should my client be?
A – Either run our recommended custom patcher launcher HERE to ensure you download all custom files then Run the UO patch and update your client to the latest version to join our shard.

Q – Is my Account and Password secure? A – Yes it’s stored on an encrypted file even staff can’t access your account or log into it!”

Q – How do I connect to the shard? A – Download our custom patcher launcher located HERE

Q – Is Age Of Britannia FREE? A – YES absolutely! You don’t ever have to donate but we would really love it if you did but we understand not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to afford to do. You can still show your support by VOTING for our shard!

Q – Will there be a shard wipe after BETA? A – NO however there maybe times we need to remove certain items that are causing in game issues or issues with the server. If this is the case of course we will endeavour to fix the issue or replace the item or reimburse the player with another item of similar value.

Q – How many accounts per IP and why? A – Two account’s per IP address this is to stop inactive accounts and people selling plots and also limit BOD farming and AFK farming

Q – Can I build a house? A – YES of course you can build a maximum of one house per account placing another will auto delete your first placed house!

Q – Is PVP – Player v Player allowed ? A – YES and encouraged!

Q – Are you allowed to PK – Player Kill? A – YES we feel it’s a part of the core game however is restricted to Felucca BUT where shard mobs with unique loot only spawn in fel

Q – Can I use scripts like Easy UO? A – Yes you can however AFK gold farming for example is subject to staff discretion

Q – Do houses decay? A – YES however account must be inactive for a period of time TBC MAY BE 365 DAYS

Q – Is insurance enabled? A – Yes it is charged based on item stats (TBC)

Q – Can I sell my account like on Ebay? A – NO – if you are found to be doing this your account may be deleted and your IP banned.

Q – Can I AFK farm? A – YES however within reason and subject to staff discretion due to shard economy balance

Q – How can I see what my current stats are? A – Use the command [rules

Q – What are the FC FCR rates? A – 2/6

Q – What are stat caps? A – 350* TBC

Q – I’m going on holiday / taking a break and don’t want my items to decay please help. A – [pm Aj and we will look into this for you!

Uncommon questions
Q – Can I advertise other shards? A – NO – Please don’t it is not permitted on most other shards and is not permitted here.

Q – Can I bless items? A – Yes most items and clothing can be blessed

Q – Can I steal from players? A – YES however NOT in Trammel or in players houses – *See rules*

Random questions

Q – Can I transfer an account to AOB? A – No however that’s why we added a 3 x GM skillball and other items for new players to reduce the initial game grind.

Q – I put a check into my bank and it’s gone! A – it’s been added to your account say balance infront of a banker NPC to see your new total

Q – Can I trash talk? A – YES however please be respectful to other players and stop if they ask you to or if you are told to by staff but seriously please chillax!

Q – Can staff monitor my account?
A – Yes technically BUT Do we want to? NO……. If you are following shard rules and generally playing the game we morally have no right to however we do reserve the right to monitor accounts ONLY if there is a valid reason to do so or a report of exploits or inappropriate behaviour that requires staff action.


Q – Help I can’t connect!

Double check your username / password – typos etc happen to the best of us.

Ok, so we will try our best to help as we understand that it can be incredibly frustrating when you just want to play the damn game! Here we have tried to answer questions proactivity and provide some trouble shooting idea and tips if you are having issues connecting to our shard.

BASIC STUFF FIRST – Obviously we’re assuming you need to have the storage capacity on your hard drive and are able to run the game on your computer / system of choice. You need an internet connection to be able to download and connect to our shard and have basic knowledge of Online games.

Lagging ? Try turning off footsteps and if you can connect via a Ethernet connection. Our servers are in Europe double check our shard is online by visiting our homepage.

First of all you should be connecting via Razor or UOSteam for example make sure that you are using the most up to date server login go to our connect page and make sure the one on your computer software of choice matches our website connect page and the port is set 2593

I still can’t connect! Make sure you run your update patcher for Ultima online to update your client to the most up to date version. Then try to reconnecting.

If you are still having issues connecting we suggest that you backup where needed uninstall UO and remove all files then install a fresh new version update it and try to connect again. Also try alternative software I.e if you can’t connect on one try another one.

Razor picks up your installed ultima online client.exe files automatically HOWEVER sometimes it might ask where the files are if it can’t locate them automatically.

You can set your client on Razor to a defined directory location. If for example you play on multiple shards with custom files, you might want to point razor to a different installed directory with a fresh updated version of UO.

On occasion download files can get corrupt so make sure your downloading from a reputable source. Or using our suggested links.


Seriously I get it, so frustrating when your at this point especially when you’ve wasted time!

Take a breather for 5 minutes take a walk watch a movie seriously don’t stress we got you! Sometimes we need to look at things with a fresh pair of eyes and take a break to refuel.

Ok so at this point all normal usual fixes have been unable to fix the issue for you.

Therefore we need more information from you such as is there an error message?

Which method are you using to connect?

Have you tried alternative ones?

Do you still get the same message?

The more information the more chance we can help resolve your issue faster. In the future we are going to implement a forums section and discord for dedicated help and support however until then please contact

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