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Abandoned Mines (Ilshenar)

The Abandoned mines are a new custom-designed facet/giant dungeon with a deadly spawn of hidden enemies waiting to slay you around every corner. Accessible only via the Stella Porta it offers treasures and rewards for those crazy or brave enough to hunt within! The area follows the Ilshenar ruleset which means really strong custom monsters also have a chance to spawn as paragons! So beware this custom area is not for the faint-hearted!

The abandoned mines which were once thriving dwarfen gold mines have since deteriorated into a hellish abyss of shadow monsters that are most of the time invisible to those with even the sharpest eyesight. What lurks in the shadows may shake the hearts of true warriors, only the bravest seldom enter and return. You have been warned…

These mines are ONLY recommended for advanced-level players with pets or veteran players.

Remember the only way to exit the area is back through the Stella Porta.

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