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Custom Tameables


Ice Bear

The ice bear is a tameable and mountable custom polar bear that requires 3 slots does cold damage mainly and has good strength.

Ice Steed

In the heart of the solen hives, an ambitious queen is trying to position herself to become the future matriarch.

The Solen Matriarch

The black solen colony is threatened by infiltrators from trammel, a colony of red solens. Help her out in exchange for some treasured solen items.

Miners quest

Kill the Bugbear last seen in the Solen Hives 10% chance to drop quest item of a wedding ring (need to toggle quest item) which can be turned into the NPC located just outside of Minoc Town for 2k gold and an apron of +10 STR – This quest is not repeatable and is one time only!


These quests are organised by difficulty starting with the easier quests recommended for new players and those new to the game.

Search for Scottie’s attacker


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