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Felucca is a facet, a single face of the shard of the Gem of Immortalitythat is home to each world we live in. Trammel is mirror to it, with several key differences, mostly in the level of Player vs. Player (PvP) combat, and foliage.

Character housing is allowed within Felucca.

Felucca and Trammel both are themselves divided into 2 areas: Britanniaand the Lost Lands.

In Felucca dungeons and in The Lost Lands in Felucca, several Champion Spawns can be found. Within these areas, Power Scrolls can be obtained.

Also, resource drops (such as the wood that comes from lumberjacking or the ore that comes from mining) are double that of the other facets.

Within Felucca, PvP combat is nearly unrestricted. The only real restrictions are that combat initiated on blue players within a guard zone will result in the aggressor being “guard whacked” (e.g., a single-hit kill by an NPC guard that is followed by an overkill shot of lightning), an aggressive act against a blue player will turn the aggressor Gray and thus freely attackable until two minutes after his last aggressive act.

Within Felucca is also the Vice vs Virtue system of 2 sides (one considered good and the other considered evil). Unlike murder, you may fight in towns freely against opposing the opposing side.

When an aggressor kills a “blue” player, the victim has the opportunity to give their slayer a Murder Count. These decay in 40 hours of logged-in time, 15 minute blocks at once. At the accumulation of five, the character will flag red, a Murderer, and become freely attackable by anyone

It is strongly advised that travelers to Felucca bring only what they are not afraid of losing, as bands of murderers, or simple player-bandits, have been known to roam the countryside in search of fresh blood. Defending yourself may be hard, so always know a good escape route, and be ready to flee if attacked and unprepared (An open runebook, to a safe spot, for example)


  • In Felucca, you can be attacked and looted by everyone outside town. In town you will be protected of guards if someone calls them.
  • Killing players in Felucca may make you a Murderer, there are 5 color flagging in UO Blue, Grey, Red, Green and Orange.
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