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Player are allowed two houses per account.

Each IP address is permitted two accounts so you can have four houses over two accounts.

You can request staff to move two houses next to each other but the housing limit still applies.

Structure decay

We apply a twelve month structure decay period which can be extended by contacting staff.

There are six stages to the decay of a house in most instances these stages, in order of their occurrence, are…

1. Like New
2. Slightly Worn
3. Somewhat Worn
4. Fairly Worn
5. Greatly Worn
6. In Danger Of Collapsing

When a house has passed through all decay phases and “collapses”, the house and all of the add-ons in that house (ovens, looms, forges, etc) will disappear. Any remaining items in that house will fall to the ground. Clicking once on these items will release them so they can be picked up and moved.



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