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There are some quests unique to our shard as well as new player quests, veteran quests and standard game quests. We’re sharing all the info with you below and challenge you to complete them! Please keep scrolling down for further information

New Player

NPC trainers in New Haven help new players raise their skills and offer starter gear as rewards. There are also some added NPC’s to advise players to go to the TRAINING ELEMENTAL area to train skills. Also the NPC’s offer more information signpost to players who might prefer to complete quests or have a more natural explorative / role-play experience. We also have some shard specific new player quests in New Haven keep scrolling for info.

Mondain’s Legacy Quests

Newer UO quests added with Mondain’s Legacy are managed by the quest button in your paperdoll. To talk to a quester, double-click them. If a quester desires a particular item or items, single left-click you, select “toggle quest item”, and target the items that you wish to turn in. Then talk to the quester again (double-click them) to complete.

Crafter Quests in Heartwood & Sanctuary

There are many elves in Heartwood and Sanctuary who desire knowledge about human crafting. They request samples of simple crafted items and will give you a craftsman’s satchel as a reward. Craftsman’s satchels always have one piece of magic equipment, plus they have a 1 in 3 chance of containing a non-artifact elven recipe, a 1 in 3 chance of containing a talisman (always a type 1 “standard” talisman), and also a 1 in 500 chance of an aquarium. Elven bowyer and carpenter quests have a 1 in 30 chance of an oak runic tool as a reward.

Peerless Quest

In order to challenge a peerless boss, you must first do the associated quest. Read the page about peerless bosses for more details.

Elven Heritage

To become an elf, find Darius the Wise in the Lycaeum.

Human Heritage

To become a human, speak to Nedrick the Iron Worker.


Aeluva in Heartwood gives this quest which teaches you Spellweaving.

Friend of the Fey

Synaeva in Heartwood can give you the power to summon the fey with spellweaving.


Koole in Sanctuary gives this quest which teaches you Spellweaving.

Fiendish Friends

Elder Brae in Sanctuary gives this quest which gives you the opportunity to summon fiends with spellweaving.

Gareth, Emissary of the Rise of Britannia Campaign

A series of quests to test your humility. Quest characters that would otherwise be in Trammel are located in Felucca, with the exception of one character in New Haven. Starts Gareth in Trinsic


Rumors Abound

Egwexem the Noble has heard rumors of dangers in the Holy City. Honor demands that you aid the Elders.

Secrets of the Soulforge

Beninort the Artificer wants to help you learn Imbuing.

Knowledge of the Soulforge

Aurvidlem the Artificer wants to help you learn Imbuing.

Mastering the Soulforge

Ansikart the Artificer wants to help you learn Imbuing.

A Little Something

Ansikart the Artificer has a request for a little something.

Into the Void

Agralem the Bladeweaver is recruiting help to battle void daemons.

The Exchange

Help Aliabeth the Tinker find special gifts for her family.

A Worthy Proposition

Aliabeth the Tinker seeks materials for her new project.

A Mystic’s Journey

For a very reasonable price, Ortlem the Mystic can provide a tool to help you train skills.

Thepem and Zosilem

The Alchemists can make a variety of unusual concoctions for you if you can provide the raw materials.

Percolem the Hunter

Would like you to carry on his legacy.

Axem the Curator

seeks historical relics for the Museum of Wonders.

Unusual Goods

Silem the Fence deals with black market goods and merely needs a trading partner.

In the Weeds

Farmer Nash needs help with a little weed problem.


The original UO quests such as the Hag’s quest are received by single-clicking the quest NPC and selecting the option (such as “talk”). To manage the quest thereafter (such as to view the quest log or to cancel the quest), single-click yourself and select the relevant option. You can only do one classic quest at a time.

The Collector

In Ocllo, Elwood McCarrin seeks a supplier for his ever-growing collection. He’s in the tavern near the docks, hoping you can help him.

The Summoning

In Doom dungeon, Victoria the Sorceress can give you access to the Doom Gauntlet if you can provide her with daemon bones.

The Witch’s Apprentice

Grizelda the Hag needs help locating her apprentice. Watch out for the imp Zeefzorpul!


The Study of the Solen Hive

The naturalist in Britain public library seeks an assistant to help with his research.

The Ambitious Solen Queen

In the heart of the solen hives, an ambitious queen is trying to position herself to become the future matriarch.

The Solen Matriarch

The black solen colony is threatened by infiltrators from trammel, a colony of red solens. Help her out in exchange for some treasured solen items.

Cleansing the Hives (custom)

New quest added to the Solen Hives (Trammel)

The Solen Patriarch needs you to slay 10 Parasitic workers, 5 warriors, and 1 queen which can now spawn in the Solen Hive in Trammel respawn double normal respawn.

They are approximately 2 x as tough as their relative red solen mobs and spawn more rarely. The quest rewards around 4k gold and rewards 4 magic items 2 of which will have boosted stats.

Please note the Parasitic Queen spawns in two locations inside the Hives every few hours which is the toughest mob to slay and slay!

Miner Quest (custom)

Kill the Bugbear Last seen in the Solen Hives 10% chance to drop quest item of a wedding ring (need to toggle quest item) which can be turned into the NPC located just outside of Minoc Town for 2k gold and a Apron of +10 STR – This quest is not repeatable and is one time only!


These quests are organised by difficulty starting with the easier quests recommended for new players and those new to the game.

Search for Scotties attacker

Speak to Scottie he will reward you with a Golden Fleece Cloak and 1500 gold upon killing Scotties wolf and looting the quest item to give to Scottie. The wolf spawns every 5-10 minutes South of Scottie. The cloak is blessed, hued and offers +5 hit point increase.

Farmer Pilocks white feathers

Farmer Pilock needs you to collect 150 white feathers which can be looted from “FarmersChicken” they spawn just outside of town, return to Farmer Pilock with 150 feathers to be reward with a unique quest item “Haven’s Bow”

Elrond Lord of Rivendell

Elrond needs help in defeating Saruman’s spy that has been seen nearby town. Slay the Half Orc Spy and return with it’s head to be rewarded. This quest is repeatable and will reward a Robe of Haven that gives 10% lower reg cost – Respawn timer every 5-10 minutes.

Town Guardian Quest

The Town Guardian needs your help to defeat Mutant Mongbats that can be found west out of town return to the quester to be rewarded with 350-500 gold

Rabbids Go Home!

Quester Farmer Giles needs you to take care of the Rabbids that are stealing his carrots. Slay 10 of them and return for a small gold reward.

An Ents Errand

Defeat 5 of the Cursed Ent’s directly south of Treebeard who can be found just outside of New Haven Town near all the other New Player Quests.

Mad Cow Quest

Farmer Wells needs you to find and kill 5 Crazy Cow’s which will attack any player in sight! They can be found west of Farmer Wells who is located nearby all the other New Player Questers.

Crazy Cat’s

The Crazy Cat Lady located near the bank and the rest of the New Player Questers requires you to kill 10 Crazy Cat’s found far north of Crazy Cat Lady.


Quest to kill Doombringer can be taken in the new player dungeon near the TRAINING ELEMENTALS area rewards gold and 2 magic items.

The Zombie Slayer

Zombie Slayer quester needs you to kill one ZombieX spawned southwest outside of New Haven. These are designed to be a challenge for a new player


Dragon Pet

Custom new hatchable dragon pet’s have been added to the server. These custom dragons all have a chance to summon their own creatures for their master to control in battle for a limited amount of time ( 35 seconds ) they can be dispelled by enemy’s or monsters.

They will instantly hatch and bond to the player who is lucky enough to obtain one. They do require 104 taming to control however so are only recommended for experienced and veteran players and tamers.

So where do I get one? If you head to Destard in Felucca just outside the dungeon you will see there are 2 new NPC’s. The Dragon Breeder requires you to collect from inside Destard 50 Unfertilised dragon eggs and will reward you with a ticket to claim a random dragon egg ready to hatch which when used will obtain you a random dragon pet.

The other NPC is a Shady Egg Seller who charges a high amount currently 18k gold per quest item for those who need an extra few eggs to complete the quest or those who are happy to pay this! The eggs for the quest are hard to find and only respawn in 3 seperate areas every 12-24 hours located inside and through the Destard dungeon in felucca.

There are 8 different types of dragon all with their own unique colours. Each dragon also does a different damage type.

This is an example of the water dragon however the hue is now changed to another blue colour.

Quest for The Golden Fish

Find the Quester in Trammel Britain who requires you to kill a Thieving Serpentine rewards +fishing clothing

Endless Peril 

Kill the Dreaded Dartmoor Pony – Quester can be found in Luna you need to collect 35 of the quest item and turn them in for the Relic of Britannia max stats shard shield. Respawn for the Dartmoor Pony is 12 / 36 hours

Naruto Quest

Tsunade Senju can be found in Tokuno, Zento and requires your help in defeating the Orochimaru who can be found deep in the Fire Dungeon in Felucca. Return with the heart of Orochimaru to he rewarded with a unique necklace! This month respawn is set to (TO BE CONFIRMED)

Death’s Reaper

Quester can be found in Umbra and monsters are located South East of Umbra. Reward is a Add on Fireplace. This quest is repeatable if you already have the fireplace you will be rewarded 10k gold. Quest monster respawn time 1-7 days. Spawns near near Trinsic moongate Felucca.

James the Old Fisherman

Quester can be found Britain (Trammel docks) who will tell you to collect worms and fertile dirt, fill the jar and return back to him to collect a reward an (ancient fishing poles can be 1 of 3) +10 fishing or +20 or if your very lucky +30

Ancient Titans helmet

An Ancient Titan quester can be found in Wrong dungeon and requires you to kill a named Titan (Aramagool) monster (1-2 day per spawn) and rewards the Titan warrior sandals +2% all resists and +8 Strength

The Quest of Shadows

Sates the Mind reader can be found in Britain Trammel and gives a quest to find and kill Dark Miners (horses that look like nightmares) return with 15 of the quest item to be rewarded with a Dark Blade weapon. 2 Dark Miners respawn rate is set between 12-24 hours.

Berserker Quest

Berserker’s quester can be found in Britain. He requires you to avenge his family and kill 10 Beserkers and return with 10 Bloody Beserker Skulls to be rewarded with a custom spellbook artifact – Respawn time currently set 1-2 week.

Orcish Forge Quest

Quest for a portable forge can be taken from the Blacksmith Orc located in the first part of the Orc Caves. The monster is set to spawn every 1-2 weeks

Gandalf’s Quest

Find the quester in Luna – Kill The Evil Dark Lord – Sauron (spawn limited every 3-4 weeks STC*) quest weapon Glamdring has been set to the max number of properties allowed (7 STC*) as you can see below is an EPIC weapon

Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure

To find the keys of Hell! – Bill and Ted can be found by the Chaos moongate They will give a quest to Defeat B&T The Reaper Guy and the B&T quest Arcane Daemon. They both spawn next to each other however due to the stats of the shield and sword the spawn timer for these mobs is very high (between 1-2 months) return to them with the keys which will reward “The Dark Sword of Hell” and “The Dark Shield Of Hell” examples of these can be found by the quester see below photo for example

Ghostly Blacksmith Quest

Quester located by Luna bank. This quest is designed to be tricky you have to collect various items that the quester will tell you where to find once you have all 4 of the required items you double click your Ancient Smelting Box and you will be rewarded with a Sword Of Britannia! Respawn rates for the quest items vary from 1-2 days to 7-10 days for the Crystal for example.

Magic Mushroom Quest

Locate the quester in Umbra near an inn. You must find and kill the quest monster which is located in a Mushroom cave near Spiritually moongate. This quest rewards Mushrooms that give a bonus +15 to all 3 stats for 30 minutes.

Dante’s Quest

To be confirmed

Monster Contract Dealer

Contract / Quest You will be given a given a contract to kill a random number of random monsters for a gold reward. The system is designed to add as another means to help players gather a decent amount of gold based on the difficulty of the contract. You need to click the contract and select the mobs corpse’s you wish to add to the contract to fill it up for contract to pay out! – We may be looking at tweaking this system and adding more custom mobs for higher gold rewards in the near future watch this space!


We have some exclusive new player quests we are looking at adding more veteran level quests in the near future. Watch this space!

Billie the Sapphire Queen

Billie who can be located in a cave in Trammel far west of Trinsic requires 10 rare Sapphires and will reward you with a deed for a random greater artifact. Rare Sapphires have a 10% chance to drop on our exclusive “Shard Monsters”. We are looking to change this reward in the near future to a custom artifact.

Loki (The God Of Mischief)

Loki who can be found near the Ice Dungeon in Felucca has “accidentally” released a portal to Jotunheim letting some Frost Giants into our shard find and slay 20 of these to be rewarded with an exact replica of Thor’s Hammer – Mjollnir. This quest is designed to challenge veteran level players and Frost Giant [QUEST] respawn rate is every 8-12 hours near the Ice Champ spawn.

Mad Crafter summon quest

Mad Crafter summon box and new Mad Crafter
Mages. Defeat the Mages collect the crystals
drop 10 crystals in the summoning box to
summon the Mad Crafter instead of waiting for
champ spawn.

Note – The Mad Crafter mini champ spawn has
now entered Age of Britannia – Located in
Wrong felucca can be slain every 5 days.

The Four Horsemen

COMING SOON TBC – Find and defeat the four horsemen of the apocalypse to be rewarded with an epic Ring of Bile that gives unique bonuses to anyone brave enough and strong enough to kill all of the horseman!

WereWolf Quest

Farmer Kieran needs your help! He was attacked but what he claims looked like a WereWolf in the Yew-Brit brigand camp kill the brigands to find and slay 5 wolves and return for your reward!

New quest – Rarity Collector – You can also collect werewolf eyes which are a 10% drop and 10 will reward you with a custom artifact. You then return these to the Rarity Collector who is spawned extra to Farmer

Seasonal Quests

Quests here will be updated and changed depending on the current seasonal period.

Easter Egg hunt quest – Carrie (located by new haven bank) wants you to find 15 special Easter eggs and return to her. The eggs are stackable and must be of the same colour.

Gold Panning

Requirements – GM Tinkering & Begging are needed to make Gold Pans, and you will need a steady supply of gold pans to go gold panning. Gold panning also requires you to craft or buy gold plans from other players to use. You can spend quite a lot of time moving along the shore gold panning to make decent gold.

AFK GOLD PANNING subject to staff discretion to allow us to continue to support this system please don’t afk more than 5 minutes at a time. This system also adds as another way for players who prefer PVM / ROLEPLAY aspects of the game to be able to make decent gold.

Blackrock is a material collected for wonderous items purchased from a secret purchase stone.

Luna War Quests

Will be added by the end of the month watch out for more information on our discord server!

Luna is under attack from the west by a army of Unholy Orcs with trolls sighted and war boar riders seen on route to Luna. Six new quests are being introduced as well as a small army of enemies and the Glorious Luna Knights… protecting Luna from the wars across the lands featuring the King of Luna and her majesty the glorious Queen.

These new quests are designed to challenge players and offer a new unique feel to Luna.

Orc War Boar Riders

Commander Faramir requires you to slay 25 Orc War Boar Riders and return to him for a reward.

Orc War Fighters

Lieutenant Sam needs you to slay 50 Orc War Fighters and return to her for a reward.

Unholy Orc Mages

Captain Hayden needs you to slay 25 Unholy Orc Mages and return to him for a reward.

Slay the Trolls

General Daksh requires you to slay 10 of each of the three new custom added trolls to aid Luna.

Collect the Unholy Souls

Collect unholy Souls which can be gained in loot from slaying any of the new Luna War Monsters.

The Queens wild truffles

The queen is pestering Cynthia her Royal Guard to gather 60 wild truffles that grow south of Luna collect them and return for a prize!


We have more quests that are currently inactive however details around inactive or seasonal quests will be added here soon.

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