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Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the Age of Britannia!

The server was founded and created by Aj of AOB games. Aj wanted to create a server that would feel welcoming and familiar to all players. The idea being that the shard would be as close to the original game as possible BUT have custom quality over quantity content to create a unique and interesting gameplay experience.

I’ve logged in what now?

Well if your new to Ultima Online try completing some quests from NPC’s to raise your skills around New Haven (default starting location) this will help you get a feel of the game and it’s base mechanics and give you some basic items that are blessed to help you get started. Please remember that you can also access our Discord and Forums for support.

If your an experienced UO player you! You can choose to complete the standard NPC quests (levelling up skills for rewards) or there are custom quests that offer more flavour some offer small amounts of gold and others items OR you could head into the green moongate right where you logged in and go to the Training Elementals room where you can AFK train / macro your combat skills.



Newbie suit

Full suit of newbie armor that is limited to 7 days, the timer will progress while worn and pause when removed. By popular request players can now purchase additional suits using a vendor stone situated in the new player dungeon (Training Elementals) area accessible via new haven near the bank or via the green moongates.


The first character on each account will be given a 3 x grandmaster Skillball to help you get started. Players are able to purchase additional skillballs using Kudos via the UO Store which can be gained by being online and voting for our server as well as completing achievements or by supporting our server and donating for Kudos.

Master Storage

The master storage system stores both gold and tokens inside a backpack that is blessed and can contain up to 30 items. By using the [loot command you can gain gold and tokens from monsters will will automatically go into your master storage system.

Trash 4 Tokens backpack

The trash for tokens is a simple backpack that can be used to place any unblessed or uninsured inside and will reward you with tokens when recycling old gear and loot.

Starting Gold

You will receive a small amount of gold for each starting character

Spellbook basket

Store all spellbooks to declutter your backpack! Spellbook can still be accessed whilst inside and spells cast from within.

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