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Server Information

Shard features

We have maintained a balance between quality and quantity. We have done this by introducing new features and content and at the same time maintaining the original feel and the core systems of the game as we feel this creatives a more fun and more dynamic player experience and offer variety’s and a unique experience.


Anti Resurrection Kill

This system enables a short window of protection for players when resurrecting.

You can opt out of the protection using [RK

This system is designed to stop players being able to be killed instantly after being resurrected.


Master Storage

The Master Storage backpack is given to every player and can carry a maximum of 30 items.

The Master Storage system is designed to be used with the [loot command scroll for more info

The Master Storage backpack is blessed and can be single clicked to withdraw gold as well as tokens and customised to choose items to loot.

Master Loot

Using [Loot in game will loot corpses for gold as well as rewarding you for helping keep the server clean by giving you tokens. It will also loot gold that is dropped on the floor by champions.

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