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In UO, the term Spells is used conventionally. By tapping into the mythic powers of the multiverse, skilled characters are able to: attack enemies; aid themselves and allies; move objects and themselves; create things out of nothing; summon creatures; and a whole host of other actions that most people imagine when they think of magic. While some spells require the use of components, or reagents, in order to cast them, others do not. All spells require the use of Words of Power. Under certain conditions, some spells can be interrupted during casting, while others cannot. Casting certain spells are based on (or can lower) the practitioner’s karma.

There are 7 schools of spell casters that can conjure a total of 137 spells:

Spells require a certain amount of Mana, which can be increased by raising the Intelligence statistic, or by equipping items with Mana Increase and/or Intelligence Bonus properties.

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