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Treasure Chests

Age of Britannia has 3 custom treasure chests that are in order of rarity from lowest to highest – Rare, Epic, Legendary

The rare chests usually spawn every 24 hours but when they spawn they only have a short window of an hour during which time players have to find the chest, open it and loot it. Please make sure if you find a chest and are fortunate enough to have a lockpick on you that you open it and loot it FAST because these chests despawn quickly and you may miss out on all that loot!

Rare requires 110 lockpicking

Epic requires 115 lockpicking

Legendary requires 120 lockpicking.

You can raise lockpicking past GM by lockpicking high-end chests and at a certain point may need to consider using jewelry to boost it up to 110 for example and raise it by lockpicking rare chests.

Thief suit – The + locking suit can be purchased from a AOB Token Vendor Stone.

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