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Age of Britannia Games also known as AOB GAMES was founded in October 2020 by Aj a passionate gamer from the UK and owner of the Age Of Britannia Ultima Online freeshard. We are planning to offer various video game servers, game reviews, quest guides and much more in the future.

Please note that this website is still in development and constantly being improved.

Age of Britannia - UO Freeshard

For our first game server we wanted to create a familiar custom server which was balanced and focused around quality over quantity. Age Of Britannia UO has been designed to cater to all players and is designed to be a fully OSI updated custom shard. We are continuing to develop the shard over time to improve it's content! This is just our first project and we are aiming to launch more servers in the near future. Join our first project Age Of Britannia TODAY for more information head over to our connect page.



  • Auto events PVM | PVP | SOLO | RIFTS

  • Auto Kudos reward system & UoStore

  • No skill cap with difficulty gain system

  • Power hour +25% skill gain +10% gold

  • Stats cap = 350 | Casting cap = 2/6 

  • Anti resurrection kill (Optional)

  • Two accounts | 2 houses per account

  • Master storage and [loot command

  • Achievement collection system


  • Fifty new quests

  • New Unique Maps

  • Monthly PvM Event

  • Fishing Tournament

  • Timed Auto Events

  • Town invasion

  • New Monsters

  • New Champions

  • New tameables

  • New dungeons



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