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Custom leathers

Three NEW custom leathers have been added to the server to offer more options when crafting or enhancing with leathers.

ALL new leathers resists total the same as barbed leather (16) however are unique as each new leather has benefits to different resists.

Scaled Leather

Scaled hides can be gained in small amounts on Scaled Dragons. They spawn in a place where you would expect to find dragons in felucca.

Putrid Leather

Putrid hides can be gained in small amounts on Putrid corpses and will be available in only a few dungeons in felucca.

Doomed Leather

Doomed leather only drops on Doomed Souls currently only in one dungeon in felucca however will be moved to doom in the best future.

See below which shows the new three new leathers however please note the scaled leather is now a darker hue. Aj is wearing a Putrid Leather Chest which is a slimey green hue.

Scaled, Putrid, Doomed
Leather Type Scaled Leather Putrid Leather Doomed Leather
Physical resist 9 2 -5
Fire resist 4 1 6
Cold resist 3 2 6
Energy resist 2 9
Poison resist 9
Tailoring required 105 110 115
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