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Custom tameables

There are a number of custom tameables in Age Of Britannia we have listed these below. Please note this page is still in progress more soon!

The Ice Steed

Ice Steed – spawns every 2-3 days in Ice (felucca)

The Ice Steed is more powerful than a fire steed, it can cast spells and deals more base physical damage. It deals mainly cold damage and on occasion has a lower fire resist. But better overall resists and uses 3 control slots.


A once wild stallion this rare breed of ancient horse surpass normal horses in intelligence, dexterity and strength Mearas only requires one tame slot they do some good physical damage and have good stats.

Zombie steed


A once lovely horse this awful smelling foul beast of a steed is now a rotting corpse.

Ice Bear

The ice bear is a tameable and mountable custom polar bear that requires 3 slots does cold damage mainly and has good strength


Stallions and Mares

Male and Female Variants of horses which are known as Stallions and Mares. There are various versions of these which will be further detailed in the near future.

Stallions – are higher in strength

Mares – are higher intelligence & overall magery

Each of these Stallions and Mares can spawn in four different varieties as well as rarity colours.

The Physical Stallion and Mare are just a stronger version of the standard horse with a chance to spawn in with a stunning black coat.

Lucky Stallion / Mare

Lucky Stallion & Mare has a RARE chance to spawn in Gold example seen in photo – Respawn timer every 7 minutes to 7 hours – Yew forest (felucca) south


Black Fire Beetle

Black Fire Beetle – Added to Solen Hives in Felucca as a rare 1 – 2 day respawn! See below screenshot for an example of its wild stats.

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