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Evil Reindeer Quest

Seasons greetings my friends! We have introduced a new and unique quest which can be collected every December from the Lazy Elf located next to Yew moongate in felucca.

The quest requires you to slay 15 Evil Reindeer which spawn all around Yew forests in felucca ONLY.

Return to the Lazy Elf to collect your unique reward a Christmas Stocking, any gifts you pull out are yours to keep but the stocking’s will be removed after Christmas until the following year!

  • Fixed a bug with the quest where the reindeer had incorrect sound

Auto restart system

We’ve added a auto restart system that will every Monday and Thursday @ 09:00 (UTC+1) save and restart the server with a countdown warning starting @ 08:45 (UTC+1) until 09:00 restart.

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