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We wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Quest

We really hope you enjoy our new Thanksgiving quest which can be found by the Trammel Yew moongate it’s designed to be a veteran quest the Turkeys are tough to find and even tougher to kill with Ninja like skills and high hit points.

Lumberjack clothing

Lumberjacking skill bonus clothes added to blue token reward stone

  • +10 Lumberjack Axe
  • +5 Lumberjack Shoe
  • +5 Lumberjack Apron
  • +5 Lumberjack Sash
  • +5 Lumberjack Cloak

Raiders clothing

Lockpicking skill bonus clothes added to blue token reward stone (except bandana)

  • +10 Lockpick Bandana (gauntlet drop)
  • +5 Lockpick Sash
  • +5 Lockpick Apron
  • +5 Lockpick Sandals
  • +5 Lockpick Cloak

Custom Treasure Chests

Custom Treasure chests have been added to server and spawn rarely and exclusively in felucca dungeons.

  • Rare – Requires 110 lockpicking – Rewards a random minor artifact or lesser treasure of tokuno. Respawns every 3/7 days.
  • Epic – Requires 115 lockpicking rewards Mondains Legacy artifacts or greater Treasures of Tokuno artifacts. Respawns every 7/14 days.
  • Legendary – Requires 120 lockpicking rewards Greater Artifacts such as Divine Countenance and Custom / Quest artifacts. Respawns every 14/28 days.
Example of the Legendary Chstom Chest

Power Hour system

A power hour system has been introduced to the server and can be accessed by saying [ph or Powerhour. Using this system allows you to get +25% skill gain and +10% gold drop for an hour a day. Meaning you can log in every 24 hours and have an hour of gameplay with boosted progression. There will be the option in the near future to use tokens to reset your cooldown.

Town Joker

A town Joker NPC has been added to all main towns for a little bit of fun. Walking near the joker will cause the NPC to tell you a joke!

Bugs fixed

Bug with one of the Halloween rewards fixed

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