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Donations have now been fully automated so when you donate, you can instantly claim your kudos in game.

Warning – Please check account spelling when donating mistyping may delay your kudos!

Donation Kudos will be delivered in a bag in the form of scrolls which can be double clicked and added to your UOStore balance. Any issues please contact staff in game or via discord.


What is Kudos? It’s a game reward to say thank you for being active it is automatically added to your UOStore account every 5 minutes of game time and can be exchanged for donation items.

Players earn Kudos for 5 minutes of game time.

In addition to this you can [vote to earn 25 Kudos per vote currently we have nine vote sites which we will increase in the future.

The new vote gump will pop up automatically when you log into game and when you are due to vote again or use [vote to manually access it.

With this new system players can earn Kudos by actively playing the game and voting. We feel this is a much fairer donation system that will benefit active players and create a more balanced gameplay experience enabling you to earn all donation items over time by playing the


Now you can donate from as little as $1 to earn 1,000 kudos to top up your UOStore account.


What are donations used for?

ALL donations help us to develop content!


Monthly costs…

Website upkeep – $15

Server – $35


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