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Custom Events


There are some events on our shard that will be familiar from other shards you may have played and some events that are unique to our shard. We are working on more events in the near future and will update this page periodically.

NOTE – To access and view some of the areas correctly you will need to download our custom maps and extract them to your UO directory overwriting the old files with these HERE NOOB CHAMP


The noob champ event which is the Vermin Horde (barracoon) is designed for new players who are looking to experience a champion spawn in a safe environment and have a chance at winning powerscrolls!

Every Friday around 23:00hrs GMT+1 / 1800hrs EST

Barracoon champion spawn will become active which can be accessed via the green public moongates

EGG HUNT – Trammel (Every Tuesday)

@ 22:00 GMT+1 / EST 17:00hrs

The egg hunt event run by Aj will point an arrow on your characters screen in the direction of the egg. The egg hunt will take place in an around trammel. All you have to do is follow the arrow watch out for the clues being broadcast on chat by staff find the egg then double click it to claim a prize! You have to be quick though as everyone on the shard will also see the arrow on their screen!

Prizes (random chance)

1, 5k gold check

2, 10k gold check

3, 15k gold check

4, 5k token check

5, 10k token check

6, 15k token check

7, 110 powerscroll (random)

8, 115 powerscroll (random)

9, 120 powerscroll (random)

10, TOP PRIZE – Major artifact random!

Please note – We are in the process of tweaking the rewards to improve the event!

Town Invasion

The town invasion system features a champion spawn invading a random town in felucca (Britain excluded) the town being raided will be announced automatically by NPC’s in town who will tell players if any town is currently being invaded. Town guards will flee during the invasion and players will be required to slay all the monster spawn, to spawn a champion to slay! This event automatically runs on a timer. Please note you must slay ALL monsters for the champion to spawn!


Future Events – Not active

Please note although the vet level champ is set up ready as we are a relatively new shard it is currently inactive until we have a higher player base. The vet champ will run alongside the new player champion event.

VET CHAMP – Trammel – (Every Friday)

@ 22:00 UTC+1

The vet champ is designed for veteran level players and features a triple champ spawn. This is designed to challenge players and will require you to work as a team or help each other out to be able to battle all 3 champions!


Dungeon and Dragons style event

The D+D event is currently being rebuilt in green acres and we are hoping to release this in the near future. It will feature rooms that are the same size / shape with a variety of monsters including boss rooms. We are looking at implementing some kind of dice roll or question / trivia system to make it more interactive.


Maze event

This event will be a giant custom built maze which will challenge players to run through the maze alongside other players. We will look to add some rare spawnables and perhaps some custom artifacts for the players who find them first in the maze! There will then be a prize for the first 3 players to successfully navigate their way out of the maze!


Brick built event

This event will challenge players within a time limit to create the best and most impressive structure using the allocated building blocks!

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