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Fishing tournament

Fishing tournament system

We have been developing a new automated fishing tournament system which has now been fully integrated into the server with 3 new unique tournament fish that can only be caught on the day of the tournament and spawn in lakes, dungeons and tbc.

  • Malas Moonfish
  • Britannic Bass
  • Sabertooth Salmon



(Master Angler found at Trammel Britain docks)

EST – Eastern Standard Time

Starts competition on Monday @ 16:00hrs
Starts competition on Wednesday @ 13:00hrs
Starts competition on Saturday @ 10:00hrs


Players can win prizes for turning in 20 of the corresponding days fish when the completion is open by single clicking on the Master Angler at Trammel Britain docks and clicking talk to give him the fish. Once the competition is over he will be able to accept fish by dragging and dropping any remaining fish onto the Master Angler for a runners up reward. 

*Note – Limited to one entry per day per player

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