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Alexandria (Felucca)


Alexandria is an ancient abandoned city that hosts a range of custom and deadly monsters and custom stealable. Custom quests and rewards system. There are also scaled monsters whereby the first floor is x1 standard level monsters then on floor 2 the monsters are designed to be more challenging and then again on floor 3 the x3 mobs are designed to be again more challenging up to floor 5 and then floor 6 has custom named spiders detailed further below

Spider Gods

There are a number of new and challenging named Spiders that can spawn in the dungeon very rarely however they all have a chance to drop interesting and unique loot for example

Horus / Bast / Neith / Anhur

Each of the Spider gods has its own strengths and weaknesses and can spawn near its associated hatchlings which are also part of a quest to slay.

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